Sustainability and Responsibility

Principles of our actions

Fair interactions with people and nature


Sustainability as we see it includes economy, ecology and social aspects. We take our responsibility towards staff, customers, consumers and the environment very seriously.


Abtswinder already operated in a sustainable manner before it became generally "fashionable".


  • Long-term business relations with our suppliers and customers. Some for more than 30 years already. We place greater value in a trusting cooperation than in short-term profits
  • Specialisation in plant-based products
  • The high quality of the products and processes are reconfirmed each year by audits and inspections


  • Power generation by our own photovoltaic plant since 2020. Additionally, we use eco-power and thereby save approx. 110 tonnes of CO2 annually.

  • Replacement of the electric lighting
    in warehouse and production by
    energy-saving LED-lamps.

  • Renewal (2020) and regular maintenance of compressed air systems (compressors and lines) to avoid losses.

  • Extensive product range in the bio and fair trade sectors and in certified natural cosmetics.

  • Climate-neutral production in printed items (such as brochures and advertising materials).


Social aspects

  • High standards in occupational and health protection
  • Continuous internal and external education and trainings
  • Staff stay with the company for many years
  • Long-term engagement in "Die Tafeln"