Production / Packaging

Specialisation in sophisticated tasks

Flexible and versatile


A variety of systems are available for producing your products.

Our machine park covers the production and filling of


  • medicinal and food product teas (coarse and fine cuts)
  • spices
  • liquids up to 100 ml
  • powders, powder mixtures.


In 2018, we also switched the outer foil for the tamper-evident seal of the folding cartons to biodegradable NatureFlex® foil. The foil has the important advantage that it can be composted, both industrially and in gardens. To maintain this benefit, we intentionally omitted scatter print on the foil pointing out the biological foil or any logos. The printing inks would have ruined this advantage, since they are not compostable. For this reason, Abtswinder Naturheilmittel is gradually adding on its folding cartons for tea the information that the foil is compostable.


NatureFlex® foil has many benefits for the environment, product quality and safety, and therefore also for end consumers:


  • biodegradability: can be composted both industrially and in gardens (according to the manufacturer's information, this takes about 12 weeks)
  • marine biodegradability confirmed according to ASTM D-7081-05
  • renewable raw material wood fibre (FSC-certified)
  • specific barrier without perforation
  • additional flavour shield